Transportation & Hospitality

Indoz Callnet services in this fragment are extended across our global delivery network to support end-customers in ethnically aligned environments to engage them more adequately.


We associated with our clients to systematize service delivery across countries to support their need for linguistic and cost-productive BPO operations.

We know that the level of interaction in this segment needs to be helpful, friendly, and informative, and we have designed specialized service desks to manage the individual requirements optimally.

We regularly conduct People Forecasting and Need Assessment exercises to ensure persistent service delivery to all client processes. We ensure buffer pool of agents to cater to volume fluctuations and amalgamate trainings such as role-plays, time management, stress management etc to manage the different customer situations.

The gradual returning of global economic stability has created a rapid renaissance in travel and tourism. An industry already known for its ferocious competition and demand for high-quality end experiences, the emerging era calls for focused customer satisfaction. Your business needs to utilize every customer interaction as an opportunity to build new value propositions to become a lifetime brand.

Segments supported by us include:

  • Travel Companies.
  • Passenger Transportation.
  • Cargo & Logistics.
  • Hospitality.