Indoz Callnet business planning and strategic IT consulting to optimize processes, facilitates the management of change and strengthen capacity building in various sectors of the government.


Our consultants use a local presence and intellectual capital to provide incisive insights, implement best practice based processes and provides support for the management of the complete project.

Indoz Callnet was the support of the government authorities of each country with BPO services for streamlining processes and expanded the scope of service and increase productivity in a conscious and efficient manner.

We know that government agencies need the support of informed and scalable resource pool to the great citizens to manage base with various service requests, complaints, and process information to the public in an efficient and timely manner. INDOZ CALLNET supports this segment with our experienced people model, expanding delivery network and domain expertise to manage citizen’s requests across nations.

Our services in this area include the process and the activation technology through the adoption of analysis tools and automation that provides for the rationalization and improvement of processes, in turn, the high-end services for citizens are large base aligned.