Outbound Call Center Canada

Outbound Call Center Canada

Indoz Callnet is one of the best outbound call center companies in Canada providing call center services like inbound call and outbound call center services and software services like software-based services in Canada. Indoz Callnet has stated in January 2015. Our corporate offices are located in various countries like Mississauga, Ontario, and Canada. We provide different services like call center services, software development services, etc.

Outbound call center Canada is one of the top call centers to provide services to grow your business and improve your company reputation helps in increasing the sales and do the marketing of your company brand to a large number of customers. Our company offers Inbound and outbound BPO solutions for the companies which are located in Canada. Outbound call center Canada offers services like win-back campaigns, Welcome calls, outbound, and inbound sales. Cross-selling/up-selling all of which can provide the sales, give customer satisfaction.

The mission of our services:

To provide professional services to call center and telemarketing services to all kinds of companies. To increase the clients through by providing professional call center service which contributes to the increased satisfaction for the clients. We provide these services.

Inbound customer care services

Excellent Customer service.

Inbound calls are handled by a professional customer care executives.

Telephonic recording system.

Records the Audio to monitor service quality.

Outbound customer care service.


Providing excellent outbound service to potential customers.

Taking Customer information and providing feedback.

Provides lots of inbound and outbound sales and webinar meetings.

Our company provides different call service like:

Suitable industries

Business Services




Information Technology

Our customer care executives give customer care service calls in different countries. Outbound Call Center services Canada at IndozCallnet provides the best call center solutions for your business. We specialize in inbound and outbound call center services. We have a professional team of customer care executives who are trained and certified for providing satisfactory services to the customers.

What is the Outbound Call center?

An Outbound call center helps the business to make the calls to their clients on account of their business. Their method is different from the inbound call center whose function is to receive the incoming calls. outbound Call Center services Canada are found on Cloud-based software and designed to help business which is continuously engaged in business. When Your clients are confused about the product, our customer care executive will clear all the queries, describe them about the advantages of the products or services that communication goes without any problems. We provide call center services to small businesses and large businesses.

Outbound call center Canada

We provide different services like inbound call center services, Customer service, outbound call center services, email support, chat support, and order management service.

Customer service:

Nowadays In this world, people have become the habitat of ordering a product or service from their homes, So for the same, we have a team of staff who will help in your business to receive the orders and provide 100% satisfaction to the customers. Our team is operated 24*7 and provides the orders through various channels. Our staff provides different service like-

Order taking service

Reservation services

Medical queries

Queries handling

Registration of events and services

IVR services

Email management service.

Toll-free service.

Customer service.

Help desk/technical support service.

Email support service:

Email is one of the most important things in communication with customers. It is considered one of the most important parts of communication. Email is very communication part of the viewpoint of the customers but sometimes if there is a huge amount of email coming to inbox then there is a problem for the response of the email communication.so for the same email support system comes for all the queries.