Indoz Callnet offers companies in the healthcare industry a wide range of services, including application development and maintenance, infrastructure management, business applications, and testing and compliance.


Indoz Callnet Healthcare Practice and Operations Leader rigorously study, assess, design and implement innovative process mechanisms. The advantages of the various regulations and directives specific to the sector to provide profitable operations for our customers.

Our services are designed and manufactured in compliance with HIPAA, ISO and ICD. We extend our services to customers with training to support the implementation / up-gradation and inspections to monitor compliance with these rules.

Support our Healthcare solutions in this segment of customers navigate regulatory changes, benchmark their operations with peers, to increase sales, improve reimbursements, reduce the loss of the dollar and tame processes interrupted while driving offenses in all functions, reduce costs and delivery times.

We also support the global supply of paper intensive processes, workflow solutions and imaging and productivity drive by our efficient tools demographic controls and credit insurance, priority collection and segmentation tools with tools and contact center platforms and service center.