CRM applications are used by most organizations for day-to-day functions in one way or another. Indoz Callnet has the expertise, resources and technologies for the application of robust and efficient CRM that could help organizations arise to develop ahead of the competition.


We have a team of highly skilled software developers dedicated and have great experience in the development of CRM solutions for small and large businesses. We have the latest technology and equipment to create our developers CRM solutions reliably. In Indoz Callnet we take new challenges and provide efficient solutions to our customers for their growth.

From simple customizations to end-to-end CRM implementation, we do it all and we do it best.We specialize in providing CRM integration of legacy systems. Most companies are willing to change their old legacy systems and require the integration of the new implementation of CRM in their legacy systems. In the last decade we have put the art of integrating CRM legacy systems of our customers and to provide a continuous and error free, it works exactly how they want to learn.

Features of our CRM services:

  • Adaptation.
  • Improvements.
  • Integration.
  • End-to-end implementations