Indoz Callnet provides industry-specific call center outsourcing solutions to leading organizations operating from diverse geographical locations. Our call center services designed to meet the specific business needs of our individual clients.


We know that every company is different and has unique needs that require customized solutions. Our approach to client projects begins with deep analysis and market research. First, try to understand the concept of business, labor market expectations and expectations of our customers.

Once the project one of those things, we will design a solution call center as able to meet all your expectations and meets your needs.

Our goal is a strategic partner for our clients, a couple who is standing next to them and help them in caring for their needs call center outsourcing. Our managers call centers undergo training courses specially designed all the information needed to solve customer problems and complete assignments.

Also, through training programs that teach voice and accent go all corners of communication with the Americans and British customers.

We Provide Following Call Center Solutions:

  • Call Center Services
  • Back Office Support
  • Technical Support